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Arya Shah
United States

Arya Shah
United States

Carl Barton
Part time Model

Daniel Eder
Owner of topedia & spiritual teacher
Czech Republic

Lilith Seaborne
Alternative Model
South Africa

Charlie Foxtrot
Its a Cluster fuck in here!
United States

Mistress Michelle (e.g QueenFaev)
Professional Dominatrix or Financial Dominant

Ephraim Zionet
Freelance Agent

Professional photographer in Blackstone, MA
United States


Daniel Eder

Owner of topedia & spiritual teacher - Prague Czech Republic
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About Daniel Eder

Living in Prague Czech Republic

Relationship Status: Single

Welcome to my profile
i am the owner of Topedia.
My Whatsapp is: +4917643838248 (please only text if you want something specific. i dont like texting just like that)

I am interested in spirituality. staying in the present moment being aware of awareness.
I am a spiritual teacher. I have a special gift where i can feel and release peoples emotions in their body.

I love languages: spanish, english, italian, french, czech, german
I am interested in crypto & icos


born on 8.7.1978 (42 years old)

Born in Prague, Czechia
Raised in Germany.
Lived in New York.
Lived in Spain.

Work & Education

I work on Topedia :-)
I am looking for developers who want to help developing topedia and create a cryptocoin or digital currency which will be available on Topedia. you will be paid in this cryptocurrency.

I also offer massages for women in munich (

I studied MBA in Sevilla Spain
and BA in New York
But i never used anything that i learned from there.
I learned everything important by myself

Hobbies & Interests

traditional yoga and spirituality.
i sometimes help people with spirituality

I am also a youtuber. You can see all my channels on



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now instagram photos are embedded in topedia profiles

Suche model. Zahle 50 euro für youtube shooting

Pushed new update for android app

I am looking for people around munich to join doing youtube videos. also models :-)

Topedia now has local chat in Android APP :-)

ja geil


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launced TOPS coins on topedia.. people who are very active here and share there profile and have good profiles will receive some

people search is now available on topedia :-)

i am making a video on topedia now :-) for youtube

photo rotation is now possible in case you uploaded your photo rotated

what is topedias goal? to list every person on the planet & provide a local community. so when you travel you immediately can get in touch with people you are interested in.

local news is working now.. when you post to news you see the local feed. will soon be avaiable on android APP

i am working on improving topedia

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   5 stars - "Hi my dear my name is miss jovita gomez. how are you doing i think everythong is fine. my dear i know that you dont know me Or see me the first time , but is only but one day someone to know each other. so i will like us to know each other ok .my dear i have important something to tell you in my private email address, this is why i contact you , my dear i will like you to reply me in my private email address i dont have time to chat on this site, contact me in my private email address ok, bellow is my private email address. ______________________________________________________________ 안녕 내 이름은 조 빌타 고메즈입니다. 어떻게 지내니, 모든 일이 잘된 것 같아. 나의 사랑한다 나는 당신이 나를 모른다는 것을 알고있다 또는 처음으로 나를 만난다. 그러나 언젠가는 누군가 서로를 알고있다. 그래서 나는 우리가 서로를 알게되기를 바랄 것이다. 아하. 나는 내 개인 이메일 주소에서 당신에게 말할 중요한 것을 가지고있다. 이것이 내가 당신에게 연락하는 이유이다. 나의 친애하는 사람은 내 개인 이메일 주소로 나를 회신 해 주셨으면 좋겠다. 나는이 사이트에서 채팅 할 시간이 없다. 내 개인 이메일 주소로 저에게 연락하십시오. 벨로우즈는 내 개인 이메일 주소입니다." from Jovita Gomez


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