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INTERNATIONAL HOOKUP AGENCY +254703220689 . agencyhookup15@gmail.com. Facebook page;Sugardaddies,Mummies And Whites Hookups-0703220689 Welcome to INTERNATIONAL HOOKUP AGENCY. The list below is for connectios that we provide. 1 Sugardaddies connection and sugamummies connection-we do connect ladies and men whom are below 35 years, With wealthy men and women whom are seeking girls and boys to care for them in exchange of sex satisfaction and companionship. They provides bills,rent,large amount of cash and other benefits as payment. 2 Whites connection- we connect our clients with whites whom are currently in the county and outside country.age bracket 20 and above. 3 seeking relationship partner- we do connection to those whom are seeking wives and husbands,long-term and short-term relationship. Singles, divorced, one partner died. 4 sex mates- for mutual benefits. 5 escorts- for those guys seeking sex satisfaction. You will pay the lady for the service she will provide to you. Our escorts are smart,classy and adorable. We do good arrangements 6 bisexuals(top and bottom) and shemales- we do connection including two sides. 7 call girls 8 we provides ladies for massage,they have good experience. Full package. W have been in business for five years, Doing successful, instant and secure hookups. We know the value our services,customers and we don't run a fraud business. We don't share individuals information aimlessly And we don't post people profiles online. We charge registration fee of 550 to be connected With local partner and 1000 to be conneted Internationally. We do connection after registration fee. If interested,message the required information below to +254703220689. Your name--------------- Your location--------------- Your current occupation-------- Your age---------- Type of partner you are seeking----------- Age bracket you prefer to be connected with------- Local or international-------------- For more information call,message,WhatsApp +254703220689 Or email us at agencyhookup15@gmail.com. We assure you good service and you will appreciate. Your success is our concern. Thank you
ABROAD HOOKUP AGENCY 254746659145 We Are Branch Of BDSM And We Do Online Hookups Arrangem ABROAD HOO
Nairobi Kenya
ABROAD HOOKUP AGENCY +254746659145 we are branch of BDSM and we do online hookups arrangem ABROAD HOOKUP AGENCY +254746659145 we are branch of BDSM and we do online hookups arrangements worldwide. We do hookups to clients above twenty years. We provide partners of age bracket 20-65. We don't post individuals information online,we do secure hookups. We don't share individual details aimlessly (we only share client detail to registered members only). Client who has registered will receive a list of profiles and details to choose the partner who he/she get interest to(you will only be sent profiles of those partner whom are matching your request). We have experience in matching and we have never received feedback of fail. If you have an STI disease you are supposed to inform us so to be connected with a partner who is matching. (We have positive and negative group). Below is the types of connection we provide. 1 SUGARDADDIES/MUMMIES CONNECTION. Rich guys seeking young guys for satisfaction in sex,companionship, fun,short-term and long-term relationship. They provide good amount of cash,bills,rents,fees etc In ths we have different categories as listed below; Divorced Single Married but need a young guy We have local sponsors and international sponsors. 2-WHITES-we do connect people whom are currently in country and abroad 3-SEX MATES sex mate for mutual benefits Sex mate to be payed 4-ESCORTS we provide escort services locally and internationally. Working as an escort you will be first be payed deposit by your client then after providing service you will get your full amount. 5-RELATIONSHIP PARTNERS. locally or internationally 6-BISEXUALS Gay-top and bottom Lesbians-top and bottom 7-CALL GIRLS 8-PAYPIGS 9-FINDOMS AND DOMINANTS 10-COUGARS We do local and international connection If you need local connection arrangements, we charge registration fee of 650 If you need international connection arrangements, we charge registration fee of 1200. Your registration fee is your life time fee,after you have registered you will be receiving free hookups anytime you ask. Our registration fee is fixed and we don't ask for other charges. We only proceed with connection process after someone has registered. We only work with clients whom are sure what they are after. After you have registered, you will then receive list of profile for you to view,then after you have picked we proceed with connection whereby we do it immediately. BEFORE PROCEEDING, UNDERSTAND THE TYPE OF CONNECTION WE OFFER AND OUR TERMS. CLIENTS WHOM ARE INTERESTED CAN FILL THE BELOW FORM; your name.......... Your age....... Your location..... Your current occupation..... Your marital status..... Your healthy status...... You have kid(s)......... Type of connection you prefer..... Locally or internationally........ Age bracket you prefer to be connected with..... After you have filled the form you will then inbox your photo which will be sent to your partner(clear and full photo) Then you pay your registration fee via 0746659145. ABROAD HOOKUP AGENCY we offer trusted hookups and we don't convince our clients. You will be grateful seeking our service. Thank you